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Amaron AAM-GO-00038B20L/R


  • Capacity: 35Ah
  • Warranty: 24+20 months
  • AAM-GO-00038B20L Battery. Ah Capacity: 35. Warranty Period: 24+20 months.

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  • Amaron AAM-GO-00038B20L (35Ah) Description

    Go for that long drive you’ve been yearning for with the new Amaron car battery available at “Amaron battery shop” ! It not only has high heat tolerance capacity but high reserve capacity as well.  For any Indian car, this high power battery with its vibration resistance works wonders. This battery makes your car tough making it much less vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions. This battery boasts of a long life along with the negligible need for maintenance.The Amaron AAM GO 00038B2OL (35 AHcomes loaded with the following features:

    Features of Amaron AAM-GO-00038B20L (35Ah):

    High heat tolerance, so your car won’t die in the middle of nowhere

    • Maintenance Free, the mechanic, will miss you
    • Vibration Resistant, the car never stops when facing shocks and vibrations
    • High Cranking Power, the car starts even in terrible conditions
    • BIC vents for safety conditions and to vent out all gases from the car

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